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Dead or will not power up

Will not boot from Hard Drive

Not working on Battery

Reboots Itself

Keyboard not working properly

Power Jack Problem

LCD Screen goes out

Errors on Windows Boot

Battery not charging properly

Gets Hot and Shuts Down.

LCD Screen Replacement

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Computer won't start

Computer running slow

Software not working

Network Installation

Virus Removal

Data Recovery

Hardware Problem's

Network Problem's

Appex Computer Solutions is a one stop Computer Services Company. We provide comprehensive computer services for residential and commericial customers. We provide computer repair on IBM Computers, Hewlett Packard Computer, Dell Computers, Toshiba Computers, Acer Computer, Leveno Computers. appex Computer Solutions repairs all desktop computers and laptop computers. We have Seagate, Kington, Maxtor MSI, Geforce and many other computer parts and accessories including hard drives, memory upgrades, computer motherboards and power supplies in our retail sales center

Appex Computer Solutions provide computer virus removal, spamware removal, adware removal. Appex Computer Solutions recommend using McAfee or Norton to protect your computer.  We also recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials. Of course, we realize other anti-virsus software exists. appex Computer Solutions prefers McAfee. appex Computer Solutions have been installing computer software and computer hardware for customer in mumbai for over 3 years. appex Computer Solutions have customers from all the surrounding Suburbs of Kandivali, Borivali, Malad, as well as many regions in Thane district.

Appex Computer Solutions is proud to have the highest rating from its customers in regular feedback test conducted by independent authorities.  Appex Computer Solutions ( takes pride in supplying the best hardware, software, services, and Technical Support in the Computer & Electronics Industry. We provide custom-built computer systems, computer networks, on-site hardware, software troubleshooting, computer repair, and installations. We have a several branches across mumbai

Please contact our Sales Department or Call on office hours at +91 22 4014 4949 for further information. For Technical Help Call +91 22 6525 47 47

Purchasing a computer can be a daunting task. We enjoy assisting our customers with the right purchasing decisions. Our Sales Department can help you at +91 22 4014 4949. We sale Custom built reliable Computers and offer Technical Support any vendors. Over 95% of every computer system sold or used by appex Computer Solutions since 2008 is still in use today. So, You want a computer that runs like a Cheetah, reliable, and will last, last, and last. You know hardware and a good deal. We soon would be a launching our Secure On-line Store is the place for great deals on Computer Systems and Equipment.

Few of the great list of hardware and software help would be as following. 

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