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Appex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established in year 2008 and has been delighting customers across Mumbai with our great prices and unparallel commitment to customer service ever since.
Started a single store now have multiple stores across city with range of items available from electronics to computer peripherals.

Recently, we have launched range of product of our own, keeping in mind the new generation of hardware and gaming devices, launched every year by world class manufacturer.  
Despite the huge growth, we've always remained faithful to our core values and principles, that of providing the best possible prices with unmatched customer service to boot. Our success and growth can't happen without you and we promise never to forget our commitments. 

We deal with well recognized branded products as well as new and exciting which come with full manufacturers warranty - it's just one of the ways we can give true value to our customers. You won't find any unbranded, unreliable products on our store or in our website! 

Combined with our extensive knowledge on what everyone from hardcore gamers to the family man are looking for in a PC, our commitment to low prices and excellent customer service and providing only the best products, Appex has become the preferred choice for hundreds of computing & electronics customers across the length and breadth of Mumbai.

So in closing, we want to share with you a quote that has guided us since we began:

"End of your IT Search, with every hardware and software need."

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